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Like to know other countries rituals, culture and the secret of success I'm an average height, long black hair (but tinted Seeking for a good hearted Hi i'm just a kind and cool girl who is looking for good and honest person to start a long term relationship.

3 height an I make every day different hair style.. I'm a pleasant and energetic lady who I have a strong will power.

This is a very vague way of saying that we might do things differently.

Well, I know people from my own country who do things differently to me, too.

Sri Lanka can be called the most westernized country in south Asia due to the widespread use of English and its huge tourist industry.

Despite this, it is a hierarchical society and the traditions of culture and religion greatly influence the life of Sri Lankans.

Some of which I don’t like, some of which I could learn from.

This issue isn’t unique to people from different cultures.

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That's why everyone including Indian men are going to vote for this woman.

They are very handsome with silky jet blk hair and white teeth. Either that or the blk male will collapse into slavery again like he always has, so he can serve men with lighter skin tone and straighter hair texture.

One day soon the blk male will work for these other races to carry their bags and sweep their sidewalks.

They looked so shocked looking at us - giving stupid smiles sometimes. Are you saying people just assume you're dating the moment they see you with a member of the opposite sex? In order to do that, you have to feel like YOU are a person worth knowing (which is doesn't sound like you do) and and need a genuine desire to meet and care about people (women, in your case.) Don't confuse the issue by wondering what people who AREN'T on the date might be thinking.

I admit I am not good looking, typical South Asian look, nothing more. Also my question is, even under such assumption shouldn't it be men who should do that (like, hey this immigrant So B is stealing our girls etc.). First of all, I am partcpating here so western society can provide a better idea.