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[London Review of Books]-reading women to 35—don’t pretend your relationships have been any less incongruous and unsatisfying. But you get a nice picture of this guy and what’s going on in his life. If that’s what loneliness sounds like, then I don’t want to hear it.**ROSE: **It was an awful lot of work.

Write to probably the most normal guy you’ll ever see in a lonely heart advert and maybe we’ll end up friends or lovers or despising each other and wincing every time we remember our awful one-night stand or maybe we’ll get married and have children. You also get the absurdity and the touching moments.", a prestigious literary rag that publishes articles with titles like "Stranglers and Bandits: A Historical Anthology of ’Thuggee,’" for more than a decade. ROSE: That’s got all the elements of an ad that I really like, including an obscure musical reference. And there was an awful lot more going on in these ads that a reader needn’t necessarily be attuned to. A lot of people can read these adverts, but only two or three will get the references. 6362._**ROSE: **Nobody in the world knows who they are, and it took an awful lot of digging.

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This stability has made Switzerland a highly desirable locale for international businesses and transnational institutions. Democratic Switzerland’s direct democracy, dating back as far as 1291 and the founding of the Old Swiss Confederacy, provides for a comparatively high level of citizen participation in national law-making and is generally regarded as one of the most stable governmental systems in the world. Internally stable Switzerland has not had an internal civil conflict since the Sonderbund War of 1847, and maintains ongoing unity between its various constituent language groups via a strict doctrine of neutrality in foreign conflicts. Independent As an illustration of Switzerland’s historical independence and insulation from foreign influence, the Swiss Guards, a unit of entirely Swiss soldiers, are tasked with providing security and protection for the Pope.

Today, that spirit of independence endures, with Switzerland remaining apart from the European Union, and deciding participation in any non-governmental organization by popular referendum. Protected Switzerland protects its multiple borders, and national sovereignty, with an active military of approximately 150,000 professional soldiers.

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