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The beef souvlaki platter comes with seasoned meat skewers in pita bread, tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt dip), Greek salad, and french fries.

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But as most of them had very high regards for the yummy 'Gupchup', we never bothered to find out.It was only after I finished college (or maybe sometime in the final year) that these cycle-wallahs with their big pots of dahibara and smaller pots of ghuguni/alu dum began to make their presence felt in my hometown. The stay in a native vessel that supports the rudder. Name of one of the sons of Aijuna in the Mahabarat. Keep options open: benefits Class 10 If you plan to move out of the CBSE board after class 10, then taking the class 10 board exams becomes mandatory.Hence taking the board exams keeps your options open, just in case you’d want to change boards (like ICSE).

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Elder brother; a term of kind- ness or respect in addressing an elder person.

We should stop focussing on only the negative impacts of stress (which kick in only when stress levels reaches its extreme).

Instead we need to realise that that there are positive effects of stress like enhanced productivity – stress can cause the brain to use more of its capabilities and thus increase productivity.

I have hooked the umbrella on the bata by the crook (of the handle.) Bal.

I bored the finger holes in my flute with a red hot iron.